Why Upload Older Snaps When You Can Share Ones Live?

Why Upload Older Snaps When You Can Share Ones LiveSocial networking has been immensely popular all over the world. You must have been one of its users. Just for the fun of sharing information and exchanging views, there can’t be another popular route. Hand devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, made this route much easier. And here is latest and wonderful software just released, to add up to the hassle-free enjoyment of sharing!

So far what you can do maximum when you take up a pleasure trip on vacation was take snaps on your webcam or hand camera, come back home and then upload those snaps to social networking sites, such as Facebook etc. Even if you use your smart phone for this purpose, there was no way to share them then and there online. Many of you must have got dejected over this hardship. What you must have found as a solace to share them online was to get them transferred to a computer first, and then starts uploading them leisurely.

All said and done, these snaps represented only the past – that is showing places you visited and pictures you shot – latest as yesterday. How fun it would be to upload these photos then and there, from your iPhone to Facebook? And how much of fun it is, to show the place you are just visiting located in the broad geographical map of Google, so that instantly you can inform in your picture what you are doing and where you are now?

Certainly it would be exhilarating fun and Apple Store’s latest software helps to do just that! Titled as “map me” this sophisticated software application from Spatial Social is available for download from Apple Store site. Once downloaded, this small size (2.4 MB) software can do wonders in your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices, to take up the task of uploading your pictures and fitting them snugly into Google or Facebook Maps.

Just by the touch of a button, this magic is done and your buddies viewing the picture in the social networking site can easily pin-point your present visiting place in the Maps. Supposing you are at the top of a hill, along with your fiance, the viewer can see not only the smiling figures of you both, but also can figure out the place – where the hill you are mounting is located, exactly as identified in the Google or Facebook map.

Plus your picture pops up fantastically from the current location in the map, for a closer look in enlargement, together with a time slider. This facility of time-slider is an added advantage, which shows exactly the time and date, when the picture was taken. This indication serves well as a record for storage purposes also, and the sweet memory of the moment you enjoyed very much is recorded indelibly – for rewinding whenever and wherever wanted, both in your smart phone or the social networking site.

So what are you waiting for? Download the wonderful software “map me” and enjoy! Why upload older snaps, when you can get connected to Facebook and Google maps live?