Updating Modem Module Firmware on DT8xM Model Data Loggers

Updating Modem Module Firmware on DT8xM Model Data Loggers

Featuring Integrated Cellular Modems Pertaining to Remote Applications

CHESTERLAND OH-February 22, 2012

The bestselling dataTaker DT8xM intelligent data loggers offer users all of the capabilities of the favorite DT8xM models while adding an integral cellular modem to match an array of remote monitoring applications. Completely eliminating the necessity to travel out to the logger and manually retrieve recordings, the DT8xM’s automated data delivery features allow users plan their data to become instantly emailed to an inbox each day, week, month or additional time interval. This short tutorial goes through the procedure of updating the modem module’s firmware.

First make sure that your DT8xM datalogger is running firmware version 9.08 or later on by finding your present firmware version the following:

Using DeTransfer or the dEX control window, enter the next commands:



This entry should return a string naming your present firmware version. The newest available firmware variations are: “R7.45.0.201105250416.FXT003” for DT8xM3 models (2G/3G), and “R7.45.1.201105250600.FXT009” for DT8xM2 models (2G only). If your logger’s edition is either of the, in that case your modem firmware has already been up-to-date and won’t want upgrading. If the datalogger can be running a youthful version, after that continue below.

Right now upgrade the modem module firmware simply by first downloading the right modem firmware for your logger model (DT8xM2 or DT8xM3) straight from the datataker website-please remember that if you make an effort to load modem firmware for a DT8xM2 onto a DT8xM3 model or vice versa, this might help to make your modem inoperable and the logger may need to be returned for servicing. Right now extract the firmware zip file’s contents to a USB memory space device. After looking at that your logger offers at least 6MB of free of charge space on its inner disk (type DIR B:), plug the USB memory space device in to the datalogger. The update files will then duplicate to the logger’s inner disk (the green Disk LED will flash) and the update procedure will start automatically, so be sure you don’t remove power or reset the logger through the upgrade. When the procedure is full, you should discover an “UPGRADE Achievement” message shown on the LCD. If, after inserting the USB gadget, the reddish colored Attn LED occurs for a few mere seconds and the update does not proceed, after that recheck the obtainable disk space on the datalogger.