Smartphones With Small Business Tools

Smartphones With Small Business ToolsMost small business owners emiper are running, whether you are meeting with clients or meeting other meetings in their own company. Most probably have a whole cell, but very few actually take advantage of all options. But these days all phones have storage platforms for applications, allowing you to use all applications and not just have it so that we actualize the mails.

If we took a little of our time to learn the new features of cell phones, surely we would save time and possible frustration. Now I will list the best features of smart phones for those who have .

1) Being able to create lists
Bring all our ideas to paper is one of the most important priorities. One of the things we have to keep in mind when we go shopping to buy applications is that much information can be synchronized. Some applications sincronzan with desktop software on your computer when you connect your phone physically, but others may sincorizar wirelessly and gives you full access to your information through the Web or through a desktop application on your computer when these other time.
For those with an iPhone application they have is Toodledo, which is synchronized on the website . All Mac users who have iphone can synchronize information in a streamlined with the application program that are in Things for Mac In contrast to all Windows users might consider the Outlook application for phones. For Android users might look much like TooDo Astrid, either are quite interesting because they include reminders and can sync with Remember the Milk, but also with Toodledo.

2) Remove Notes and Notes
Many mobile platforms come with applications to take notes or notes, but really it is very expensive over time and money to get a cell phone that meets all the requirements. An important aspect to consider is whether the platform has the system to get our voice notes and not just text. Obviously depend on the workflow that we have, but still consider it more practical to speak and write the platform we note that we have to write it. Currently there are platforms that support both types of applications, but some specialize in only one.
One of the most stable applications to take notes is Evernote. This platform supports applications for both Mac and Windows, and Internet access via mobile clients for iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile and Sony Ericsson X1 for customers in a beta Android. Evernote supports notes via voice, along with posts via mail and also through options for Twitter.

Another application is acceptable Microsoft OneNote for Windows users, who probably threw a new version for 2010. Android users can search NotePad, Note Everything and AK Notepad for text notes. In exchange for voice notes could be used to transform VoiceText voice notes in text notes.

3) Calendars
Surely not everyone has a secretary who give us perfectly every meeting we have in our complicated schedule. But anyway you have to be on top of our complex calendar. There are many good platforms for such applications.
If you are an Android user can use THE APPLICATION Google Calendar, a very good choice for the best way to manage your tasks. User can use the application Blackberry GCal. In contrast to Apple users can use the iCal application that has a twist and they can use with Google Calendar. Those who use the iPhone 3G can take advantage of Microsoft Exchange for calendars, contacts, emaily more. Users can take advantage of Microsoft Outlook, while users of Palm Pre and Pixi can use the services of Google Calendars, Calendars Facebook, etc..

4) Put on your Mobile Office
Many of the phones of today are very advanced applications, either from having all types of files on your hard drive equivalent to cellular giant, like many other very impressive features.
Those who need a complete solcucion respect to documents can visit Documents to Go, which supports applications for iPhone, Windows, and Palm blackberry. The price varies according to the characteristic that you want them to have. Windows users have included the MS Office for Mobile and Apple users have the application Quickoffice’s Mobile Office Suite.

In the documents section, users may want to look Iphone Air sharing and Dropbox. Android users might look GoAruna that supports Mac, Windows and Linux with Wi – Fi connection to your phone.

We must continue to be updated
We have to keep looking at all the new applications that may be emerging and depending on our business and job type to select those that best suit. There are other branches that include cell phones and they can serve all those in business such as managing contacts, reading news, searching for documents and many more that we can serve.