Smartphone And Tablet PC Revenues Will up to 14.1 Billion

Smartphone And Tablet PC Revenues Will up to 14.1 Billion US Dollars in US in 2012

June 30 current information, research strong Canalys released a written report showed that, in the U.S. market, clever phones and Tablet Computer applications store product sales in 2012 will reach $ 14.1 billion, greater than this year’s $ 7.1 billion. Related income will from application product sales, paid subscriptions, and the application form for shopping, etc.

Canalys expects that by 2015, this revenue can further increase to 367 billion U.S. dollars. From 2011 to 2015, this region is approximately 50% compound annual development rates. Canalys said it’ll bring opportunities for cellular operators.

Canalys analyst Tim Shepherd said in the survey, operators in the application form store to contend with the existing issues, because these applications shop thousands of applications. Nevertheless, the large numbers of applications is situated in applications to users and programmers to bring a “critical issue.” The operators can transform this challenge advantage.

Xie Fude said that the existing user behavior has resulted in changes in the cell space. Normally carry mobile devices to a number of locations, end-user cellular applications online and network providers demand keeps growing. In the limited program and location services, brand-new market possibilities are emerging with free of charge shipping.

Xie Fude said: “With regards to detailed consumer data, the operators have a competitive benefit, although operators need to respect user personal privacy, however they have the data to create them a dominant placement, can offer strong target marketing providers, such as for example promoting and recommended addition operators can offer an improved location services, protection, and easier payment procedure. ”

Xie Fude reiterated cell applications market opportunity continues to be growing rapidly, which year the smartphone and tablet Computer shipments are anticipated to 419 million and 43.3 million. He remarked that the mobile program was a “shake the market’s technology” will influence the lives of customers.

Xie Fude said that even though some consumers might not want operators to start its application store providers, but operators still ought to be pre-installed applications on cellular devices in the shop, and an individual experience with cellular phone producers through the application shop competition. He said: “Individuals are still very worried about the existing design and efficiency of mobile devices, however the application of the product quality and quantity may also affect the buy decision to launch its application shop, operators can better understand the marketplace and offer better user experience.”