How to Reduce The Source Video File Size And Keep

How to Reduce The Source Video File Size And Keep The Quality?

You are going to run out of a difficult disk free space but still not prepared to decide which home video will probably be worth storing and that ought to be deleted? Of program nowadays you can simply use your DVD-R travel and burn as much DVDs as you would like to free of charge your hard disk drive space but it isn’t the method out for you personally because you want an instant usage of your media rather than spending time in looking for the required disc among a huge selection of them. Just how out is to lessen the size of all of the home video you possess on your hard disk drive using AVS Video Converter, therefore to possess extra free of charge space. The actions below will assist you to resolve your issue successfully.

Step one 1: Download and install AVS Video Converter

Download AVS Video Converter, work and follow the set up wizard instructions.

Step 2 2: Release AVS Video Converter and choose your input video file

Release AVS Video Converter and click on the Browse switch placed to the proper of the Input document name area to choose the video document which size you would like to reduce:

Choose the desired video document and click Open:

Step three 3: Set an result file format

After having selected your input video file, focus on the toolbar placed at the very top area of AVS Video Converter window. Click on the switch corresponding to your insight video extendable:

Note: if you would like to change the file format of your output document as well concerning reduce its size (the most typical case may be the conversion of a house DVD into AVI file format), please read ‘How to convert between all popular video types?’ guide additionally.

Step 4: Estimate the insight and output files parameters

Click the Advanced switch to start to see the additional file parameters:

>hoose the Document Information tab that will assist you evaluate the input and output document parameters. Focus on the pursuing properties that needs to be the same in the Insight File and Output Document columns correspondingly: Video Size – i.e. video picture width and height, Framework Rate and Aspect:

If the corresponding values of the Output File column for Video Size, Frame Rate differ then click on the Edit Profile button to improve them. The Profile Editor windows can look. Make necessary changes (insight values which are add up to those of the insight document) in appropriate control boxes and click Okay to apply changes:

Note: if your result extendable differs from MPEG or Dvd and blu-ray then there is absolutely no requirement to correct an element value (changing the picture width and height ideals is fairly enough). If your result format is usually MPEG or DVD you may have to choose the Element Correction tab and arranged the appropriate ratio.

Stage 5: Edit the video and audio bitrate

To lessen the video quality saving its format methods to set a smaller video and sound codecs bitrate for an result file in comparison with an input 1. Click on the Edit Profile switch to open up the Profile Editor windows once again and set a smaller worth in editbox labelled as Bitrate in Video Codec section and click Okay to verify changes made. You may also decrease an audio bitrate worth if it ended up being a lot more than that of the insight file:

Note: the much less bitrate value you collection, the less both quality and image/sound quality you get.

Stage 6: Assign the directory for saving the result file

Select the directory to save lots of. To perform that click on the Browse switch placed to the proper of the Output Document Namearea:

Specify the directory for conserving the effect and click Save:

Stage 7: Start the decrease and check the effect

Everything is preparing to start the decrease procedure. Click on the Convert Now! button:

The process will need some time dependant on your hardware, the input quality, its format and parameters applied. Then you can discover your reduced result video in the destination folder.