Google to Launch New Futuristic Glasses

Google to Launch New Futuristic Glasses

The advancement in neuro-scientific technology is zooming at a brilliant speed such as a rocket. A lot more new technical inventions are approaching everyday. The speed of the technical advancement is indeed fast that the last created product or service turns into outdated before it gets to to the complete customer marketplace and is changed by a recently invented service or product of that genre.

Today, a lot of people believe smartphones and I-phones to be among the latest advancements in neuro-scientific technology even though just a few from the global audience have the ability to have a direct usage of it. Think about smartphones and I-mobile phones getting outdated within an extremely short time? Avoid being surprised, because that is a probable actuality which might form up by the finish of this year.

According to a recently available NY Times article, the web giant Google (Go to : ) is likely to start new futuristic eyeglasses later this season with a heads-up screen that will project details, entertainment and advertisements on to the lenses. The task, which has been led by Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin and Google engineer Steve Lee, has been built in a magic formula Google laboratory specialized in futuristic technology.

The futuristic glasses, that will appear identical to Oakley Thumps sunglasses, will continually stream real-time information to the lenses utilizing a 3G/4G connection. The glasses use the same Google android software that powers Google android smartphones and tablets. Like smartphones and tablets, the eyeglasses will be built with GPS and movement sensors. They’ll also contain a camcorder and audio inputs and outputs. Having a miniature display using one zoom lens, the hi-tech specs allows users to browse the web or deal with texts and email messages without lifting a finger. The display screen can be controlled with a ‘mouse’ which is moved by just tilting your mind. And in the event that you still desire to actually speak to someone, it really is believed the eyeglasses enables you to make telephone calls using an in-constructed microphone.

The reported main feature of the eyeglasses will be providing information to an individual about the environment at his/her area. Through the built-in camcorder on the eyeglasses, Google can stream pictures to its rack computer systems and return augmented actuality information to the individual wearing them. In this manner, the specs can bring up information regarding the person whom an individual is conference and well-known areas where the consumer is travelling, as an individual gets near them.

The brand-new glasses are anticipated to cost $250 to $600 and become available by the finish of this year. Despite the fact that, the futuristic glasses might not be in a position to capture the cellular phone market, they’ll surely provide greater efficiency and improved utility to its users for living really futuristic lives.