Astronomical Telescopes Detect Activity on Jupiter

Astronomical Telescopes Detect Activity on Jupiter

Regarding to a paper published within the Astrophysical Journal Letters lately, astronomers have been in a position to make use of their telescopes to identify interesting activity upon Jupiter.

This band of both amateur and professional astronomers have already been able to start to see the planet getting hit by several asteroids when gazing through their telescopes.

These interesting observations have become so frequent actually that the planet’s atmosphere appears to be encircled by some fire balls when searching at it from Earth.

The impact of the asteroids hitting the earth is indeed intense that the fire balls aren’t only being detected through huge astronomical telescopes, they may also be seen using normal telescopes open to buy in shops.

Indeed it had been using these humble models that allowed several amateur astronomers to start to see the activity on Jupiter on 3 June and down the road 20 August. These preliminary observations have after that been implemented up by studies completed by NASA.

Before these sightings were reported to the professional astronomers and scientists it had been thought that collisions this small cannot be observed from Earth utilizing a telescope.

It really is now hoped that the experience on Jupiter can help scientists find out more about asteroid and meteor activity in the solar program which may of training course have implications for all of us here on Earth.

Don Yeomans, supervisor of the Near- Earth Object plan at JPL said: “It really is interesting to notice that while Earth gets smacked by a to metre sized object about every a decade, it looks as if Jupiter gets strike with the same sized object several times a month.”

This week two small asteroids around ten metres wide narrowly hit the planet earth. These were just detected a couple of days before coming nearer to us by researchers at NASA

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